Smarties Studio Wipe-Clean Activity Cards for Ages 7-9

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Fun and educational do-anywhere activity cards for elementary school children.

These reusable cards' age-appropriate activities can help improve your child's focus, comprehension, and problem-solving skills. Build confidence while progressing toward milestones in critical thinking, following multi-step directions, mathematics, and more.

Smarties Studio Activity Cards 7-9 Sampler Booklet Download a multi-page, printable sample booklet today.

Developmental milestones addressed in this set:

  • Building confidence by accomplishing tasks
  • Sticking with an activity for 30-45 minutes and finishing a task
  • Creative problem solving and critical thinking
  • Practicing deductive reasoning and deductive logic
  • Practicing cause and effect and making more in-depth connections
  • Exercising applied mathematics with math puzzles and brainteasers
  • Thinking in logical steps and consequences of things
  • Sequential directions
  • Temporal directions
  • Quantitative directions
  • Spatial directions

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